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Our stunningly gorgeous escorts love to give relaxing, erotic massages! In fact, massage is one of our most requested services. Many times, our esteemed clients aren’t necessarily even looking for sexual experiences. Many of them are traveling, are lonely, and just want to unwind, dine, have a glass of wine, and engage in an engrossing conversation with a lovely lady. After dinner, wouldn’t a slow, stimulating massage hit the spot? You bet it would! Our ladies offer several different types of massage to soften some of your muscles while making others harder.

Japanese Nuru Massage - Let her slick your entire body down with an organic massage oil infused with essential oils that stimulate circulation and excite your senses. She’ll rub you as hard or soft as you like, from head to toe, for as long as you want her to.

Tantric Massage - Look your Amsterdam escort and let he give you a deeply stimulating tantric massage. This type of massage is performed to heighten sexual stimulation via slow, controlled strokes and rubbing. Let her bring you to the brink of orgasm, and then stop and make you beg for more. You can always decide to let her finish the job, but isn’t it fun to prolong the experience?

Erotic Body-on-Body Massage - This type of massage is becoming highly demanded. We have ladies who specialize in using their bodies to massage yours in ways you cannot even imagine! Their soft skin covers yours, soothing your muscles and stimulating both your circulation and sensuousness. She’ll take her time turning you on and soothing your mind for as long as you want her to.

And if the massage feels really, really nice, you might decide you would like to go farther with your Amsterdam escort. She’s yours tonight. Take her to the couch, bed, or maybe to the kitchen floor and let her make the rest of your fantasies come true.

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